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Hello, I’m Jeff.

I like solving problems in physical and virtual worlds with user-centered research and design.



I’m involved in the UX and HCI research disciplines and a member of ACM and SIGCHI.

Currently, I’m studying elementary students’ retention of informational text on tablets and how it compares to the print counterpart.

I’m a student at Elon University and was recently a user experience research intern at Google.



I’m Jeff Stern and I’m an advocate for the user when designing digital products.

A strong user experience is when a product is both engaging and easy to use.

I’m interested in the educational technology and publishing industries and I have previously interned at Code and Theory.



I have worked on a wide variety of projects – from personal sites to e-commerce, responsive design to mobile applications.

I’m willing to build your site from scratch, assist with a redesign or provide UX consulting services.

Let’s start talking.


PS. I’m on Twitter as @jeff_stern.

I share thoughts on Medium.

I review books on Goodreads.

And I keep up with my LinkedIn profile.